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Prefer us to do your interviews?

Whether you would like to create an oral history archive of your organisation or your family, the process can be time-consuming. If you do not have the time to conduct your own interviews, let us do them for you.

Family Histories

We are often commissioned to interview individuals who want to create a personal record of their life history for their families. Depending on location and individual circumstances, we can conduct a whole life history over one or two days, or over a series of sessions.  Clients will receive an edited digitised audio recording of their interview, along with a time-coded summary and full transcript that also features your family photographs.

You may prefer us to interview a group of people, perhaps your whole family and/ or friends.  Here, we would conduct individual interviews, with each person receiving a digitised recording, a summary and the full transcript of their interview.  The commissioning client would receive a copy or copies of these to hold in the central family or friendship oral history archive.

Additionally, you may commission us to produce a digitally edited film containing sound clips from your oral history interviews alongside a collection of family photographs and images. 

Please contact us to discuss your family archive.

Oral History Research for Organisations

You may not have the time or staffing resources to conduct your own oral history interviews, in which case, we can do them for you.  As professional oral historians, we have lots of experience of interviewing people from all backgrounds, including but not limited to: workers; trade unionists; managers; parliamentarians; migrants; local community members; medical professionals; patients; and service users.  We have conducted oral history research for use in evaluations, reports, business and organisational histories.

We also conduct whole research studies that include both oral history and documentary research.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.




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