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Oral history research is a wonderful tool with which to engage young people in historical and contemporary research.  It enables cross-generational, inter-racial, and inter-disciplinary discourse and research and, importantly, provides young people with essential life skills and experience. 

Sue delivers oral history training to schools and youth groups, with many oral history research programmes contributing to educational achievement awards, including the Saltire Award in Scotland.

Recent projects involving young people have explored stories relating to WWI, living and growing up in deprived communities, experiences of migration, living on the doorstep of an American naval base, and the oral tradition of handing down stories about witches!  Imaginative outputs have included ballads, films, songs, poems, artwork and performances.

Everyone undertaking oral history training with us receives a Certification of Oral History Training. 

Please contact us if you have an idea for an oral history research project or would like to discuss oral history training.


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