'Glasgow's African Tales'

‘Glasgow’s African Tales: An oral history of African traditions’

Friends of the Wumenu Community Farm has received £ 56,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting new project, ‘Glasgow’s African Tales: An oral history of African traditions’. The two-year project, which runs until January 2019, will create a unique oral history archive containing around forty interviews with first and second generation African migrants. The project explores memories and stories of African cultural traditions and the ways in which migrants sometimes struggled to keep those traditions alive in a new land.  

Working with Chief Gift Amu – Logotse and Dr Sue Morrison, volunteers from across Glasgow’s ethnically diverse population will receive professional oral history training and be supported to digitally record interviews with Africans living here. The main aims of this cross-generational project are to record, communicate and celebrate African migrants’ rich, vibrant culture and heritage, and to discover ways in which this can be used to promote mutual interest and understanding between generations and across ethnicities.

These testimonies will be shared and promoted through a range of events and activities, and on a unique bespoke website. Complementary activities will further share African culture and heritage with project volunteers and the wider Scottish public – these wonderfully creative activities include film making, storytelling, music, dance and drama!

If you are interested in taking part in any of the training, activities or events, please contact Chief Amu on:


Facebook– ‘Glasgow’s African Tales

Website: www.glasgowsafricantales.co.uk