'Holy Loch Heritage - the American Presence'

'Holy Loch Heritage - the American Presence' 

(Dunoon, Argyllshire, Scotland)

Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust was awarded Heritage Lottery funding in 2013 for our project Holy Loch Heritage. This project focused on the period between 1962 and 1991, when the American Naval Base was sited in the Holy Loch in Scotland's beautiful Cowal peninsula. We particularly wanted this to be an inter-generational project, where older members of the community would share their memories with younger residents.

Local primary schools were more than happy to get involved, with four schools each allowing us to provide professional oral history training to a class of children. Dr Sue Morrison delivered training in oral history skills and techniques and the children and volunteers then gathered first-hand testimonies from local people - both Scottish and American - of their memories and stories from this period, 1962-1991. Children interviewed grandparents, their own teachers, and pivotal people from this period, building a picture of how this heritage impacted in the area.

The pupils, staff and volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the experience, something that was completely unique to them, and that has sparked a lasting interest in local history.

Jenny Hunter
Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust




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