'Jeely Jars and Seeing Stars': Glasgow’s Love Affair with the Movies

'Jeely Jars and Seeing Stars': Glasgow’s Love Affair with the Movies

(Glasgow, Scotland)

Glasgow Film Theatre is the West of Scotland’s hub for moving image. Based on Rose Street in Glasgow city centre, our building has been a cinema since 1939. Today it is central to artistic, cultural, educational and social life, playing a leading role in innovation and risk-taking in film; spanning the virtual and real worlds, achieving access and excellence, making a positive contribution to the regeneration of Glasgow.

Cinema-going is changing rapidly: with the rise of the multiplex and the relatively recent switch to digital, most cinemas are doing away with projectionists, ushers and traditional cinema equipment. Nowadays, more and more people are downloading films on their laptops and phones, forgoing the cinema experience. Glasgow Film Theatre is one of the remaining cinemas with projectionists, ushers and independently programmed cinemas. We at Glasgow Film Festival have managed to capture the sense of our city's traditional cinema-going heritage before it was lost forever.

Do you remember your first trip to the pictures? Do you recall some of the city’s long gone venues? Did people really exchange jam jars for a ticket to the pictures? Our trained volunteers interviewed fifty respondents to gather together some of your fondest memories of cinema-going over the past eighty years and create a wonderful interactive exhibition celebrating Glasgow's love affair with the movies. Take a stroll down memory lane amongst cinema artifacts, archive film, photos, first-hand stories, movie memorabilia, and free talks.

Corinne Orton
Festival Producer





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