Oral History Project and Service Evaluations

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Oral History Project and Service Evaluations

Many UK funders require an independent evaluation when a heritage project ends, or when a service organisation is about to apply for further funding. These reports provide an outline of the project aims and goals, and detail results, progress and difficulties, including the reasons for these. Evaluation reports are used to prove that organisations have achieved positive changes, enthused and engaged with the local community, delivered skills training and practical experience to staff and volunteers, and succeeded in preserving the intended heritage or achieving the stated objectives.

Can't see beyond the trees? Evaluation reports are also useful to your organisation, allowing you to reflect on issues such as management structures and practices, organisation or project policies, staff progress and management, administration, data collection and protection, volunteer recruitment, training and support, levels of public engagement, budget control, project outputs, etc. Reflecting on these matters is one of the best ways to learn what works and what does not work for your organisation and your projects or services, and hopefully, helps you to identify and implement improvements where necessary.

We have experience of evaluating heritage and oral history research projects and third sector service organisations.  Contact us to discuss your project or service evaluation.




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