'Govanhill People's History'

'Govanhill People's History' 

(Govanhill, Glasgow, Scotland)

Govanhill People’s History project recorded the dynamic history of migration in and around the Govanhill area of Glasgow. Thirty volunteers were recruited and received oral history training from Dr Sue Morrison, who then guided and supported them to complete 140+ interviews with people living in and around Govanhill.

We recorded stories from people who had always lived in the area, and many more from folk who had migrated to Glasgow’s southside suburbs from England, Ireland or much, much further afield. Indeed, since the second half of the 19th century, Govanhill has been a springboard for migrants from all over the world. Waves of migrants have arrived at different times, from the Lowlands, from the Highlands and Islands, from Ireland, from the Indian sub-continent and from Europe. We learned that many of them saw Govanhill as a great area, a place where they could build a better, safer life for their families. Some were less fortunate, suffering from distrust and dislike from indigenous and more established migrant communities. Nonetheless, migrants, past and present, have left an indelible mark on Govanhill’s social, economic and cultural fabric.

There is no doubt that some people who live here have problems, and some tensions exist, but there is also warmth and humour, a determination to improve lives and community relations. Overall, this is a unique area in Scotland, with much to celebrate.

Project outputs are in the final stages of production and will be rolled out this year.




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