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What is Oral History?

Oral history research methodology is an important tool for anyone wanting to learn more about the past, particularly those studying social and cultural history. It involves the systematic collection of people's memories and may be used to explore family, school or work life, or knowledge and experience of particular movements, times, places or events.

Oral history research is now popular with heritage organisations, community groups, and families seeking to learn more about their own histories. It is also an effective methodology for health professionals wishing to learn more about patients' experience of ill heath, the diagnostic process, or undergoing treatment. However, if not conducted properly, interviews may be poorly sourced, badly framed, or rendered unfit for purpose; at worst, interviewers and commissioning organisations may be held accountable for breaches of copyright or data protection transgressions. Professional training is therefore advisable for anyone embarking on an oral history project.

Sue has vast experience of providing tailored oral history training, guidance and support to staff, volunteers and heritage organisations throughout the UK. This sometimes involves additional remits to work with school children and youth groups, or to facilitate reminiscence sessions or other events.

Community and Local History Organisations, Museums and Archives

Sue designs and delivers tailored oral history training to projects, schools and heritage organisations.  Having worked with a wide range of projects in Scotland and across the UK, Sue uses her experience to assess and accommodate different project aims, needs and budgets.  Your training programme may be tailored to address: oral history research project management; designing and using oral history questionnaires; interview skills, methodology and practice; legal responsibilities and rights; safeguarding and archiving interviews; using oral history in project outputs.  Additional workshops may be included in your training programme, depending on your requirements.

Everyone undertaking oral history training with us receives a Certificate of Oral History Training. 

*Sue also offers a comprehensive consultancy service, which includes oral history training, and advice and support throughout the duration of the project. See 'Project Management Consultancy' for more details. 

Corporate and Third Sector Oral Communication Skills Training

This research methodology is not restricted to heritage programmes and is also useful to contemporary research and interview practices. Our training programmes help staff to improve their oral communication skills and to conduct superior qualitative research with clients, service users, colleagues and the public.

Your Project

Contact Sue to discuss your training requirements. Please include your location, an outline of the project, the number of individuals requiring oral history training, and the approximate training date(s).


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