'Sanine Memories'

An oral history of a Scottish coastal village

   Calling all Sanine residents and neighbours (past and present),
volunteers, researchers, artists, filmmakers, photographers, funders!


Sandend Heritage Group is working with Dr Sue Morrison to help us record the history of our beautiful village.  

Sanine Memories – a brief project overview

This people’s project will capture the history and memories of Sandend, Banff, known locally as ‘Sanine’, since before WWII, when the village was dominated by fishing, a distillery, and early tourism. In addition to carrying out online research, local volunteers, including young people, will receive oral history training and record respondents’ stories of growing up in Sanine, of living and working in the village, and of the people who gave it its character and strength.

Volunteers from Sandend and surrounding towns and villages will work with a professional oral historian and film maker to create this unique oral history archive by producing audio recorded and/or filmed interviews, written testimonies and a narrated filmed history of Sanine. These digital products will be used in project outputs, exhibitions, heritage talks and online. Additional opportunities will be available for cross-generational learning activities and exploration of experiences through reminiscence events, talks and exhibitions. In addition, local artists and photographers are invited to help us better interpret the village’s past, and we will produce a tailored website packed with research findings, personal memories and photographs of Sandend and its people.

Ultimately, this multi-faceted oral history research project will capture and promote the rich heritage and current realities of living in a Scottish coastal village. 

You can also help in a variety of ways, by:
-    telling us your memories and stories of Sanine and its people
-    sending us copies of your photographs, documents, maps, films, etc.
-    create original artwork based on interview testimonies
-    help us to coordinate and manage events
-    notify and encourage former residents to contact us
All contributors will be properly acknowledged in all outputs if they so wish.

*We can offer training and support to anyone wanting to help us to:
-        interview local people to record the history of the village
-        film interviews
-        edit audio recordings
-        write interview summaries or transcripts
-        research and write about Sanine’s history

* Training is open to people living in Sandend and neighbouring towns and villages. Volunteers will be awarded certificates of training from Dr Sue Morrison, Director, Oral History Research and Training Consultancy.

 If you can offer us a little of your time, your memories and your enthusiasm, together we can create a wonderful heritage archive.  Some of this will be posted online; most of the collection would be made available to the public at Sandend Community Hall; copies of the digital materials will be deposited with the National Library of Scotland; a photographic and information display will be exhibited in libraries, schools and community halls across the Moray coastline and inland communities.

Existing Funding & Resources

Sue is contributing her time and experience free of charge. She has also donated a new projector and screen to Sandend Community Hall, and generated donations to the project of recording, filming and display board equipment and reminiscence resources from Communities Past & Present Society, Glasgow. She has secured additional support from staff at the National Library of Scotland who are keen to archive any original film materials from the project. 

We must say a big ‘Thank You’ to all the above and to the Kelly family. Mrs Joyce Kelly has made a generous cash donation to the project, which will go towards venue hire and running costs. Joyce and her family have also invited Sue to stay at their Sandend village home whenever it is free to help reduce her expenses. Rachel Kelly will further support the project by doing research and interviewing family and friends now living away from Sandend.

If you can donate funds to the project, no matter how large or small, please contact us.

We hope you will join us, in whatever capacity suits you, as we embark on this wonderful Sanine heritage project.

Contact us:
Email: sandendheritagegroup@outlook.com
     or  sue@suemorrison.co.uk
Facebook message:  Geordie Jamieson-Farmer
                        or:  Sue Morrison’s Oral History Research & Training Consultancy