'Twechar Pit Village' - Youth Oral History Programme

Many congratulations to Twechar Pit Village's wonderful youth group who have now completed the oral history project's youth programme, with fantastic results! 

Eleven young people participated in the three week programme delivered by Sue at the Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre. They learned oral history skills and put these to good use when they conducted filmed interviews for the project.  Some of the young folk even helped with the filming, whilst others were themselves filmed!

Sue will edit the resulting footage over the holidays and arrange for the final film to be screened early in the new year.

Thank you to everyone who participated, including the lovely Sandra Sutton, who gave us a great interview, and Andy Jordan, the ever enthusiastic Youth Worker!  Youth participants:

Payton Trimble, Holly Fisher, Louise Pender, Ross McClement, Jordan Shields, Aidan Paton, Lee Patterson, Kerr McCormick, Callum Hopkins, Alistair Pender, and Owen Findlay.