Business Histories

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Business Histories

We accept commissions from Scotland and the UK to undertake the research and writing of business histories for companies who have reached a noteworthy milestone or wish to commemorate a significant anniversary.

When conducted by our professional historians, research reports and histories may record authoritative, in-depth analyses of the business and the industry, which can be of huge value to clients and new employees.

Alternatively, you may require a more qualitative account that engages past and present employees in an exploration of individual memories of working life and company culture. Oral history research can be used in a variety of outcomes and is a great way to add context, colour and texture to otherwise fairly heavy-going official historical accounts.

Having a complete historical account of your business is essential for established organisations wishing to distill information about your early beginnings, the calamities, the challenges, the successes and how these were achieved. 

In addition to formal texts and commemorative publications, business histories can be used to provide website content, advertising materials, and they can be used in PR outputs and HR induction programmes.

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