Scottish Opera: 'Theatre Royal Glasgow Oral History Project'

“Sue was an absolute pleasure to work with as a consultant during the 'Theatre Royal Glasgow Oral History Project'. Her professionalism, kind manner, extensive knowledge and passion for oral history was clear throughout her involvement with the project. Sue’s comprehensive advice on planning the project and recruiting suitable Oral History Assistants was crucial in ensuring the project’s success. Her training, delivered through the Scottish Oral History Centre, covered all aspects of oral history and filled our Oral History Assistants and staff with the skills and confidence to succeed with the project, coordinating and recording over 100 interviews. It was reassuring to know that Sue would always be able to answer promptly any questions if we encountered any areas of the project we were unsure of. I cannot recommend Sue as an Oral History Consultant highly enough and am grateful to have been able to work with her.”

Tess Forbes-McMurchie
Heritage Engagement
Scottish Opera