Donald John Maclean, Professional Photographer

"Projects: 'Govanhill People's History', 'Paisley People's Archive: Thread Mills' and 'Paisley's Enchanted Threads'.

I have had the fortunate experience of working alongside Sue on three different projects and on each one it has been an absolute delight to work with her. My initial experience of working with Sue was as an intern with the ‘Govanhill People’s History' project, led by Community Renewal. My role was to photograph people and places of interest in the area of Govanhill, which ultimately led to a photography exhibition at the Govanhill Baths.

It must be stated that Sue was a huge influence on me during this project, her attitude and work ethic was a great source of inspiration to me. Whenever I needed guidance, she was always there for me no matter the problem. I have been very lucky to continue my working relationship on two other projects with Sue since then. Her enthusiasm and commitment to each project has had a huge impact on how I approach any photographic project that I approach. I witnessed first hand Sue’s ability to tackle problems and issues that will inevitably arise with calmness and ease. Sue has a real calming influence on the project team, especially when its members are under pressure.

It really has been an absolute privilege and honour to work with someone as inspiring as Sue is and I hope to continue to do so in the future."

Donald John MacLean
Professional Photographer