Creative Media Intern: 'Govanhill People’s History'

“I worked with Sue on the ‘Govanhill Peoples History’ project in 2013 as a Creative Media Intern. From the beginning, Sue was an excellent manager, consultant, mentor, trainer and friend. On the project, Sue taught everyone not only the practices and interview techniques required of oral history, but she also transferred her energy and passion to everyone involved, which was demonstrated in the excellent quality of the final outcomes. She possesses the rare but valuable combination of brilliant interpersonal skills and organization skills, ensuring that deadlines were always met; an enormous accolade when you are working with a large group of volunteers, who do not necessarily adhere to time constraints.

Sue was patient throughout and went over and above her job requirements at every turn. She was approachable, inspiring and working with her was a special experience. Sue’s expertise and hard work undoubtedly drove a project which otherwise may have fallen on its face.”

Anna Paul
Digital and Planning Manager
Moviepilot Inc, Berlin